Chapter 11 Page 29
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Chapter 11 Page 29

Neksenzi Jedi

I blame / thank Rhys for this. Enjoy!

Neksenzi Pride

I’d been meaning to draw something like this for a while, and when I remembered that today was national coming out day it seemed like a good excuse to do so. So, here’s me and my main characters and their SOs with all our pride flags on!

These flags reflect how the characters identify at this point in the story; gender and sexuality can be fluid and some of these characters will experience that in the future.

The flags, for the curious:
– trans (me, kinza, samar, neso)
– nb/nonbinary (me, kinza)
– genderfluid (samar)
– ace/asexual (me, kinza, yarin, tora, samar)
– aro/aromantic (me, kinza, yarin)
– pan/pansexual (pily, acha)
– bi/bisexual (neso)
– lesbian (lille)

Yarin is a Disney Princess

during a conversation with some friends it was decided that Yarin is actually a disney princess, and then i was ordered to draw him as all the princesses. this is him as most of the princesses.


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